A business and marketing strategy team for your business

We are a branding, content and inbound marketing firm specializing in small to mid-size business strategies. We provide diverse services tailored to your needs. We focus in the areas of social media strategy (tools and execution), brand messaging (content creation and community management), and building visual identities (brand understanding, brand development through graphics, photography and video).

Our philosphy

Diverse values collaboration, integrity and responsiveness. We collaborate with you to understand and help you reach your business goals. In addition, we collaborate with a group of highly trained and experienced professionals to get your project completed on time and on budget. We approach our work with our clients with integrity, to that end you’ll not experience any hidden surprises in your dealings with our firm or partners. And finally, we will be responsive to the needs of your business and ours.

By utilizing the latest technology to its fullest, our role is to make your job easier. We accomplish this through a variety of services that can fit any business need, primarily focusing on the Inbound Marketing Methodology to help attract, convert and retain your best customers. We offer training for social media and the tools to make it work for you, right through to your Customer Relationship Management system and customer service techniques. We will help you with content creation for all of your various channels and help execute your strategy to meet your business goals.

Our Team

Gordon DiverPrincipal 

Gordon is father to Spence, partner to Joan, engaged in community and a marketer interested in inbound marketing, developing social businesses and delivering exceptional service. He is passionate about merging today’s technologies in Inbound Marketing, Social Media Management tools, sCRM systems and workflow management to improve your engagement and deliver results. Gordon has extensive experience in marketing, advertising (both client-side and agency-side) and managing diverse businesses. He’s worked for national organizations, small business and managed his own practices. Gordon is passionate about social media and it’s potential to deliver meaningful relationships and results for business. Gordon has partnered with world-class organizations and their tools to help you reach your goals. Current partnerships include Nimble (CRM), HootSuite (SM Management), and GetResponse (Email Marketing). 

Joan KaniganContent Specialist 

Joan is an experienced professional with business management, strategic planning, social responsibility and non-profit executive management experience. Joan’s main role at Diverse is the integrity of the written word and ensuring it’s accuracy. strategic planning and asking meaningful questions to advance the goals of our clients. Joan is passionate about family, outdoor activities and helping cultural groups, specifically museums achieve capacity. Joan loves how technology can help give her more time to spend more time with her constituents. Joan has developed a strong affinity for Inbound Marketing and has developed strategies to move cultural organizations in that direction.