Struggling with Content Creation.

Struggling with Content Creation, What to Write
Struggling with content creation?

As a consultant, my focus is on helping small and medium businesses (SMB) find, attract, and convert customers.  As a result, you’d think that I would be all over creating original content. In my business, I’ve encouraged and coached others to do just that. To balance content curation with creating their own content. I’ve helped clients take stock of the material they have already on hand. Then used that material to generate useful information for their audience and created processes (content calendar, etc) to consistently develop and distribute their message. I’ve sourced tools to help with the creative tasks (Canva, PowToons, Snag-It, Haiku Presentations, etc.) or introduced them to appropriate professionals (video, graphic design or in-depth SEO) when they need more. It’s what I do and enjoy doing; yet I’ve not delivered on creating consistent content for myself and those that I serve.

So why am I struggling with content creation?

It might be easy to frame the issue with, I’m a sole-proprietor and there are only so many hours in the day. But, I’d expect to be called out on that. I’m the biggest proponent of utilizing time appropriately and focusing on what matters most. So does that mean that I believe blogging (or content creation) is not a fundamental part of digital marketing. No, that would be highly hypocritical of me. After all, I speak about it constantly in my social posts. I invest time daily reading and sharing what I learn from respected specialists that I and my audience can learn from. For the most part, my efforts to date have been curating the good work of others. However,  I know it’s not enough, yet I’ve not maintained a consistent blog effort – why?

There are likely a few causes, and some were driven home powerfully in the last few months.

First, I recently read a wonderful guest blog post by Besty Kent, on Mark Schaefer’s {grow} blog. Entitled “Impostor Syndrome, How I finally learned I was Smart“, her post resonated with me.  It wasn’t so much that I felt unintelligent. I just questioned why you would read what I have to say. Especially when you could just read the works of talented folks like  (insert your favorite resource/author/”thought-leader” here). Ms. Kent’s post reminded me of many things. The biggest being that I have different frames of reference. I learn from my “virtual mentors” but frame the lessons based on my own experiences and environment (as we all do).  And thus, have something different to offer from my talented colleagues.

Secondly,  I started reading Ann Handley’s latest book, Everybody Writes. To understand why this is significant, you have to understand I was in the same class with some highly creative and talented artisans (now a world class playwright, a successful film director/producer, a published author and more). I stood in awe of their skills and still do. But Ann’s book reminded me that we all have the ability to write (even if some require a good editor – like me). Working through her book, I’ve felt encouraged to spend time regularly at my craft. To quote Allan Iverson “we’re talkin’ about practice”. More importantly, to allow myself the opportunity to find and develop my voice. I know my “why” to write – it’s always been to be of service to others. My favorite stories with clients always center around helping them first develop their definition of success. Then to work with them as they get on the right path to it and achieve results along their journey.

Lastly, the work of two bloggers who are kindred spirits; Stephen Lahey and Beth Browning. Lahey’s Small Business Talent, is a podcast focused on sales and marketing for small businesses. Each episode is also a useful blog as it includes a complete transcript of the conversation*,  thereby becoming a valuable resource to return to. Browning is a  very good SEO consultant/trainer (direct feedback from my clients that she’s worked with). She consistently produces for both her professional and personal blogs, despite a hectic schedule.  I can relate to Beth having watched her overcome the ongoing battles of sole-proprietorship and the stress that goes with it. If your interested in SEO, and you should be; follow Beth’s Discover Your Customers blog. It’s good to have other voices that are up and coming.

So if your struggling with content creation, these resources might well get you back on track. Please consider investing your time in the resources above. Since I’ve come across them, they have helped me refocus and strengthened my commitment to blogging consistently and well.   Like you, I’m working on my plans for 2015, what areas I’ll focus on and share.  I know that I want to focus on micro and small business, they are of real interest for me, doing as much good as you can with limited resources. To that end, I’ll continue to curate and share the great resources that I come upon. It’s my hope that my efforts to curate and generate content will allow you to get useful information and help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for reading.

Struggling with Content – Resources to help you get back on track:

Schaefer’s: What would I do if I were starting my blog from scratch? Nov. 25, 2014

Diverse Messages: Why You’ll Want a Content Calendar 

Content Marketing Institute: 5 Mistakes that hold back Content Marketing 

*Other Podcasts that include full transcripts: Marketing Profs, MarketingSmarts and Rich Brooks, The Marketing Agents podcasts.

Ann Handley: This Simple Strategy will Stuff Your Business…


 Hemingway App – Help make your writing clear, reduce complex sentence and know what reading level your post is aimed at.

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